Jerry Thomas

Jerry Thomas has more than thirty-five years of law-enforcement experience. During his time in law-enforcement he has acted as the supervisor for Polygraph, Recruiting and Background Investigations for a large County Sheriff’s Office. During this time, he took on many challenges to include creating strategies, planning and implementing policies for hiring. Jerry assisted the department with the challenge of hiring qualified applicants during the department’s expansion project and updated the department’s hiring policy. While employed in law-enforcement he earned his Master’s Peace Officer’s and Jailer’s Certificate and acclimated over 3,300 training hours. Thomas Polygraph Services can assist in creating a credibility assessment approach for most department’s budget.

Jerry has reviewed polygraph test submitted by other examiners for quality control purposes for a large county District Attorney’s Office and County Attorney’s Office. While employed in law-enforcement Jerry has conducted exams for various municipal, county and state law-enforcement agencies. This includes many exams for the Texas Rangers and exams order by magistrates.

Jerry Thomas has conducted Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, (PCSOT) in the San Antonio and greater Houston area. He has extensive experience juvenile testing.

Jerry Thomas has taken part in polygraph/credibility assent research and uses validated test techniques in polygraph testing.

Our philosophy at Thomas Polygraph Services is to follow the Golden Rule. We treat other the way we would like to be treated. It is understood when people reach out to us for our services, they are dealing with a stressful situation. From your first phone call, you should note, we will take care to listen to you so we can create a plan for you to fit your budget and needs. This level of respect occurs before and after the test. We are dedicated to the truth and are a natural seeker for the truth. At Thomas Polygraph Services we believe in an evidence-based approach and scientific practices in regards to credibility assessments.

Thomas Polygraph Services offers other credibility assessment services to help its clients. Our approach is not a one size fits all. We offer more economical approaches to the most technological advanced testing techniques.

Schools and Advanced Training:

Graduate of the Texas Department of Public Safety: Polygraph School 2006

Became a Licensed polygraph examiner in the State of Texas 2007

Is licensed Polygraph Examiner in Louisiana

Behavioral Measures & Forensic Services SW, Inc Advanced PCSOT

Defense Academy for Credibility Assessment (DACA)