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We offer confidential credibility assessment testing for government, personal, legal and civil matters.

We Help Test For the Following:

Sex Offenses (PCSOT)


Pharmaceutical Testing


Government Pre-Employment



Relationship Issues

Civil Litigation Resolution

Employment Theft (EPPA)

Pre-Sentence Sexual History

Juvenile Testing

Polygraph Testing

A polygraph makes continuous recordings collecting physiological data usually from three different sources in the body. First, corrugated rubber tubes, (sometimes electronic sensors) are placed on the trunk of the examinee’s body/torso and will record respiratory activity. Second, adhesive electronic sensors or metal plates are attached to the fingers or hand and will record electrical dermal activity. Third, a blood pressure cuff or similar device will capture data associated with changes in cardiovascular activity. This could also include a finger plethysmograph that records changes in blood volume in a finger. Other components can be added to a polygraph such as activity sensors, headphones and more. Polygraph exams consists of a pre-test, in-test-collection of data, test data analysis and a post test. During test data analysis an examiner will analyze the charts and render an opinion as to the data collected. An examiner will draw inferences from the data collected and offer an opinion. During the post-test the examiner will provide the examinee an opportunity to discuss their physiological responses.

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With over 35 years of law-enforcement experience. Jerry D. Thomas is ready to help you get to the truth.


EyeDetect Is the next-generation lie detector that measures slight changes in eye behaviors to detect lies.

World renowned scientists at the University of Utah developed the technology in 2003 and through extensive research, they have made improvements ever since.

EyeDetect accurately test government job applicants, probationers, parolees this include treatment in drug and anger management supervision. Used for testing body building contestants and fishing tournaments participants. Is also used in relationships to verify the faithfulness of spouses, partners and significant others. Ideal for criminal suspects for law-enforcement and attorneys. Can be used for screening test on general topics and for diagnostic, (single issue) test in criminal or civil cases. Most EyeDetect test are compleated in just fifteen to thirty minutes.

EyeDetect can be administered in 50 different languages.


EyeDetect+ detects deception by monitoring and recording physiological activity similar to polygraph as well as the same involuntary eye behavior changes form a standard EyeDetect test.

This revolutionary automated polygraph testing process is impartial, accurate, and less intrusive than a traditional polygraph.

EyeDetect+ can be administered in 50 different languages.

About Jerry D. Thomas

Jerry Thomas has more than thirty-five years of law-enforcement experience. During his time in law-enforcement he has acted as the supervisor for Polygraph, Recruiting and Background Investigations for a large County Sheriff’s Office. During this time, he took on many challenges to include creating strategies, planning and implementing policies for hiring.

Professional Memberships Past & Present

American Polygraph Association

American Association of Police Polygraphists

Texas Association of Law Enforcement Polygraph Investigators

Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners


“Working with sex offenders is often a difficult process. Having access to reliable polygraph services is a must. It is a privilege to work with Mr. Thomas. His equipment is “state-of-the-art”, his knowledge is always exceptionally current, and his ethics are impeccable. When I have questions, Mr. Thomas’ professional demeanor makes him quite approachable. With a growing population of clients requiring polygraph examinations, I am happy to know that I can rely on Mr. Thomas’ expertise.”

Janics Hull, PhD, LMFT, LSOTP

Clinical Director, Seguin Family Institute

I worked as a prosecutor at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office for 20 years. During that time, I had the distinct pleasure of working with JD Thomas on numerous occasions. JD is a consummate professional, and his knowledge of and experience in his field made him one of the most sought after detectives in our office.

Working with JD is such a pleasant experience. He is always well prepared and eager to learn what he can do to make the case the strongest it could be, without comprising the truth. JD is always honest and conducts himself with the utmost integrity: if the science does not support it, he will not speculate or guess, which is an essential trait in a good detective and polygraph examiner.

JD stays current with his education and any evolving science in his area, so that I know I can trust his work. Furthermore, when JD takes the stand, I know the jury is getting the truth. JD excels at explaining his work in terms that a lay person can comprehend, allowing the jury to understand his process and the science behind it. When JD testifies, the fact finder can be as confident as I am in its decision to trust him and his work.

JD was not only an asset to me on those cases in which he did the polygraph; he was also of invaluable assistance to me when I had a report from another examiner. JD took his valuable and scarce time to review the other examiner’s report and video of the exam, pointing out what was done properly that I could trust, but also addressing areas where it appeared proper protocols were not followed, allowing me to effectively assess whether I had a reliable test. To be clear, JD is never denigrating of others’ work; rather, he uses his vast knowledge and experience to evaluate others’ work with precision and fairness.

I highly recommend JD Thomas to anyone needing accurate, solid, reliable, and fair polygraph work as well as a witness and consultant that will solidify the case.

Sheri Culberson

Former Assistant District Attorney, Montgomery County, Texas

I would like to recommend to you Jerry Thomas, Polygraph Examiner, to assist you in employment practices for recruiting or other security purposes for your business as well as a resource in any criminal investigation you may find necessary for polygraph examinations.

Jerry worked for me as a Sergeant in the Recruiting Division for 12 years at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office where he worked as a recruiter and later studied to become a Polygraph Examiner under the leadership of Mark Handler, a well-known and respected Polygraph Examiner in the field. Before being assigned to the Recruiting Division, Jerry had already spent time in patrol where he earned investigative experience to initially prepare him for his future role of Polygraph Examiner.

Jerry possesses a full understanding of pre-employment interview techniques as well as changing dynamics within the workplace in order to provide the most comprehensive and complete examination and report to fit the needs of today’s employers.

I found Jerry’s work professional, concise, and timely when preparing and presenting reports and maintaining records. He is organized, reliable, flexible, and one that can work under pressure and deadlines. Personally, I found Jerry to possess the highest character and ethics. His interaction and communication skills with supervisors and peers alike were friendly, warm, and inclusive.

Jerry’s experience in conducting thousands of polygraph examinations for employment and criminal justice purposes while maintaining high levels of continuing training and peer reviews with those known in the field, makes him an outstanding leader in the field today.

Captain, Peggy Frankhouser

Clinical Director, Retired Montgomery County Texas Sheriff’s Office